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Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Most south Maui mornings are sublime, with brilliant sunshine breaking through the clouds, a flat surface with visibility to the coral, and water temperatures sitting somewhere between refreshing and bath water. That makes for an ideal SUP playground suited to all, from beginner to distance adventurer. You can cover a lot of water (and shoreline) on these agile boards, and see a lot.

Rental boards are generally massive, easy to maneuver, and fall-resistant (but not fall-proof). Getting a good splash now and then is part of the fun, especially during the learning curve. There are plenty of rental options across the street from the Kamaole beaches. Mark’s Surf Spot on the beach next to the Mana Kai Resort, near the 5 Palms Restaurant, eliminates the need to slog these unwieldy boards around (you pay slightly more).

Experienced SUP’ers will find more riding options (including wave riding) on the beach highway headed to Lahaina.

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